All students, regardless of their economic status, need to be computer literate to improve their educational options and complete their school’s curriculum requirements. By providing home computers, the #LoggedInLearning initiative equalizes educational opportunities between students who have home access to PCs vs. those who do not.

Students and their families interested in receiving a computer system should have the parent or guardian complete the #LoggedInLearning application.

Computer systems will have a fresh operating system install and be preloaded with freeware versions of virus protection and productivity suites.

Dakota PC Warehouse will also provide 6 months warranty and service.

If you’re unable to complete the online form below, applications are also available in Vermillion at:

Dakota PC Warehouse
1216 E. Cherry Street
Vermillion Community Library
18 Church St

or you can download the #LoggedInLearning Application.

LoggedInLearning Application