School/Non-Profit/Government Agency

Our customer service goes deeper than just our customers in the store. We strive to deliver exceptional products to all areas, and one area we can do this is for Schools, Government entities (local and state) as well as Non-Profit agencies. Dakota PC Warehouse has a long standing history of serving schools to get them the most out of their technology budget. Providing quality education is key for future generations, and one way we can help is to provide them with Tv’s, laptops, Chromebooks, desktops and much more at a discount over new. Contact us today and we will happily bid out whatever you are looking at adding to your technology fleet!

Another great option that is open to all businesses, schools and non-profits, is our buy back program. If you have your technology leased, or on a rotation that you update it every so many years, when its time to start phasing it out, we will buy it from you! Turn your off rotation units into cash. We offer competitive prices to buy back your desktops and laptops that won’t be used anymore.

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